Review: Man of Steel

Title: Man of Steel (M)

Rating: VFX/10

Genre: Action

I hate to disappoint, people, but this is pretty much a remake of the first entry in the Superman series. Yes, I know, but I bet you, it’s one that has immense re-watch value. Ignoring the fact that I arrived maybe 20 minutes early and saw the final sequence (damn, spoilers!), Man of Steel won’t disappoint, except in the plot department. With a whole lot of supersonic bashing, sci-fi “semantic reprogramming”, dead bodies and a final, climactic heat-ray sequence, this VFX-heavy will beat you around the head with Kryptonian superpowers then come from behind and knock you out with some killer action. However, Man of Steel is also tinged with the emotion that’s been slightly absent from the whole general action-bash-up-baddies recipes that have driven other action movies. Overall, it’s a contender for a Kabam Award (see the page here) but slightly contrived and stereotypical plot sequences let it down a bit, but it flies well and thankfully for Superman, there’s no Kryptonite! 8.5/10 it is, for this movie. Happy reboot, Superman.


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